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6月23日晚,亚马逊全球开店官方微信号发布了一篇《 关于英国增值税法规的重要更新 》。 文中写道: 按照英国新的VAT法规的要求,如果英国税务及海关总署(HMRC)确认某个卖家不符...【Details】

  • Close service
    Provide free warehouse
    Free to provide the packing list
    The entire goods follow up service free of charge
  • Security
    Long-term cooperation with allianz insurance
    Settling speed
    All the professional logistics team to monitor the goods packaging
  • Transportation advantage
    Aging fast, strong selectivity
    The process is convenient, door to door one-stop service
    Transportation industry experience
  • Delivery capacity
    In the United States the first DOT certificate issued by the ministry of transportation
    Provide free import BOND, the United States
    Has a perfect distribution network nationwide in trucks